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Conservation Management

Conservation is a high priority at New Hall Farm. Crop rotation not only replaces nutrients back to the soil but also helps wildlife to survive.

Grass margins / beetle banks around the wheat fields, together with minimum use of artificial fertilizers and careful set aside management, provide food and cover for the ground nesting birds like the skylark and lapwing.

Most of our hedges are trimmed every two years in an "A" shape during the winter before the songbirds have started building their nests. This allows the hedge to thicken and offers good cover, making it more difficult for the Magpie to "hedge hop" and take the young fledglings.

As well as an increase in the songbird numbers, this year we have seen the return of the moorhen, nuthatch, spotted woodpecker, tree creeper and the farmer's harvest time favourite - the barn owl.

The real pay-off, though, is the dawn chorus!



Wildlife Margin, Hedge Laying and Tilly the Rodent Control

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